Instant noodle machine, vermicelli machine, pasta machine, macaroni machine and rice moodle machine

Industrial Instant Noodle MachineInstant Rice Vermicelli Machine | Instant Noodle Machine Photo Album

This is a certified award winning manufacturer of instant noodle machine, rice noodle machine, starch vermicelli machine and other food machinery in China. This company, Located in Wuchuan, Guangdong China, has engaged in making instant noodle machine and rice vermicelli machine since the 1980s. It is the first certified manufacturer in the noodle/vermicelli machinery industry by the International Quality Management system ISO 9001. They make 13 series wheat flour noodle and rice (or starch) vermicelli production lines. Their instant noodle production lines also won National Recommended Product Award administrated by the Chinese National Institute of Food Science and Technology. The company's instant noodle machine, rice noodle machine, and starch vermicelli machine are very popular in many countries with superior quality for a low price. With its strong background they are able to provide you with the best service.

The company has provided their instant noodle production lines for the world famous Heinz Company (Indonesia), Walls Unilever company (Vietnam) and PT Indofood (Indonesia), the biggest noodle maker in Asia.

Basic Information

Main Products:  Instant Noodle/Vermicelli/Pasta Production Lines, Noodle Machines, Cooking Noodle Machines, Macaroni Pasta Machines, Instant Rice Vermicelli Machines, Fresh Slice Rice Noodle Machines
Company Type:       Manufacture
Business Range:       Food Processing Machinery
Model Number:        YFM-20w, HFM-9t, FRV-4t, HJM-10w

FOB Price: 

FOB Port: Zhangjiang

Country of Origin: China (mainland)

Major manufacturing production lines

Pasta equipment
1. Fried instant noodle production line (bag, cup) YFM-series (40~270 thousand bags / Class 40~120 thousand Cups / classes);
2. Drying instant noodle production line HJM-Series (3-12T / classes);
3. HFM-dried instant noodles production line series of (3-20T);
4. Macaroni production line M-Series (2-8T / classes)
5. Noodle Production Line GM-Series (2-8T / classes);
6. Fresh (raw or cooked) noodles production line XSM - Series (4-16T / classes);

Rice product  equipment
7. Instant rice or starch vermicelli production line FRV-Series (2-4T / classes);
8. Pai Vermicelli production line corrugated WRV-series (2-4T / classes);
9. Pasta (rice or starch) production line TXF-Series (2-8T / classes);
10. Straight rice  or starch vermicelli production line ZGF-Series (2-4T / classes);
11. Instant fresh rice noodle production line - line (1-3T / classes);
12. Fresh fried rice noodle production line, etc.
13. Starch making equipments

Primary Competitive Advantages

Brand-name Parts
Quality Approvals
Product Features

Main Export Markets

Central/South America
Eastern Europe
Mid East/Africa
North America
Western Europe

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Industrial Instant Noodle MachineInstant Rice Vermicelli Machine | Instant Noodle Machine Photo Album