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Instant noodle production line technology trends

Four stages of development of the industries of instant noodle machine and instant noodle production line

So far, the Technology of Instant Noodle Production Line and Rice Noodle Processing Line has  crossed the three stages of development. Presently we are in the fourth srtage of the development of the instant noodle machine technology. Recalling the development of the first three stages of instant noodle machines, the focus has always on the process of rolling, cutting, and frying of the noodles. The new advent of instant noodles technology places on using corn, and a variety of other grains as raw material and on the latest nonfried instant noodle procossing. The nonfried instant noodles are believed to be healthier foods then the fried instant noodles. The nonfried instant noodle production lines use hot air to dried the noodles instead of deep frying.

Current status of the industries of instant noodle machine and instant noodle production line

Currently the country has more than 2000 instant noodle production lines, but only about 300 to 400 lines of instant noodle making machines are on fully scale production. The industry of Pasta Machinery, Noodle Making Machine, and Noodle Equipment in China in recentt years have seen the estoblishment of new instant noodle manufacturers - Chef Kong, Unity, and Hualong, the three large gigons. New capital and new brand got into the market one after another.  The situation in China's instant noodle machine industry continues to Ebb Tide. Thus the domestic industry comes to view: China's instant noodle machine market is facing intense competition, or even the whole market is likely (Noodle Machinery Factory) will re-shuffle. Although we do not know how the competition will lead to the instant noodle machine market, but it is certain that, in this market, whether it is currently in a strong or weak enterprises it will feel pressure. China's instant noodle production line industry must walk the road of specialization. Simple repetition, expanding the number of intant noodle production lines are not sustaindable.  We need to develop high-grade noodle equipment, and strive to improve the technical content of the instant noodle making machines to to produce very refined, very special, and stronger product - the instant noodle line of the next century.

The trends of the industries of instant noodle machine and instant noodle production line

Domestic market of Instant Noodle Production Line and Rice Noodle Processing Line  is not a saturated market. There is a plenty of room, according to  statistics, the consumption of instant noodles per capita annual consumption of about 15 packets of instant noodles in the Mainland China, while a similar diet in Japan and Korea, respectively, for 44 packs and 80 packs, Japan a trade associations believe that until annual per capita consumption of 30 packs of instant noodles, instant noodle industry development will only become stable.
The technology trends of Instant Noodle Production Line, Pasta Machinery, and Noodle Equipment  mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single multi-functional, multi-purpose production line. Adopt relevant new technologies in the packaging method uses a lot of inflatable packaging to replace vacuum packaging, the study inflated ingredients, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machines in three areas closely together; in control technology, increased use of computer technology and microelectronics technology ; application in terms of heat pipes and cold sealing sealing technology.

Future development of  Rice Noodle Processing Line, and Noodle making Machine will be coordinated with industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.